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A 'Dailycieux' meal by Jessica

Blog written by jessica

When 11 years ago my husband Arno started writing his business plan for our AlpAdventures, I asked him what my part in the project would be. He answered me that he has always been enjoying the meals I cooked, so I could become AlpAdventures chef. I have to say that back in the days, I wasn't that convinced about this future role...

Kitchen experience

Initially our goal was finding our own chalet, where we could accommodate our groups for some custom made AlpAdventures. Because Arno was more focussed on the marketing part and the outdoor adventures, I was the designated person to feed our guests with healthy and tasty meals. We did not find a suitable chalet to run year round, but we did organise more and more catered trips in different chalets in the valley. Beside that I had some time left to work in various restaurants in Samoëns, like le Lapiaz and la Table de Fifine.


When different chalets started to ask me to cook for them, I realised that I had to start my own business. There were two options doing this: I could start a catering business or I could become a 'chef a domicile', which means a private chef. The second option I thought was more interesting and suits me better. I registred my business and my husband Arno found me the name “Dailycieux”. In English you can call a meal delicious, while in French you'd say delicieux. Daily is English and doesn't need to be explained, while 'cieux' means something like heavenly. And that is exactly what my meals are!

Quinoaburger%202 Eat

Quinoa burger with homemade tomato relish

So what kind of meals to expect, I hear you wondering. Well it varies from a Maroccan tajine to a Thai curry and from a tenderloin with beetroot compot to a quinoa burger with homemade tomato relish. Another great thing to do is offering a meal on special locations on one of our AlpAdventures. This can be a breakfast in a treehouse, a diner in a non garded mountainhut or even an outdoor lunch in the middle of now where. Imagine; you are on a surprise trip in the mountains and you're hiking down the mountain on snowshoes. You start te get hungry and you wonder what lunch will be. Will it be a a picnic or are we eating in a restaurant on a skipiste? The least you expect is a hot outdoor lunch in the middle of a forest, overlooking the snowy mountains, accompanied with a nice glass of wine!

Outdoorlunch thumbnail Outdoorlunchtablethumb

Transforming relationships with food

My job is amazing! One night I am cooking a 15 persons birthday meal and the other night I'll take care of a yoga group, cooking a vegetarien or vegan meal. I start to specialise more and more in healthy food, using fresh and seasonal products. One of the chalets I work for a lot is Maison la Cerisaie in Sixt. Owner Sally Anne is offering and hosting several retreats and kindly asked me to take care of the meals during these trips. Although I eat less meat, I am not a vegetarien myself. But I love to create the most amazing recepies for vegetarien and vegan meals; it's a great challenge! Because these kind of meals are often served on special trips, like yoga weeks, or restreats I realise that my cooking skills have a big impact on the wellbeing of my guests. I am very grateful to be part of these retreats and see people changing their minds and even their lives, also because of my food! I was really touched by a comment that guest Caroline left: “I had the pleasure of experiencing Jess' amazing meals for four days. She has transformed my relationship with food and I left at the end of the week, inpired to try many new dishes”.

Like to taste?

I am really happy with my cooking career. The first years in France I missed my formal job as a teacher on a primary school. But now adays I am grateful and proud about my new challenge; creating delicious meals for all kind of guests in and around Samoëns. Would you like to taste one of my meals? Join one of our AlpAdventures trips or book me for 1 or several nights for a Dailycieux diner in your own chalet.

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